How to Gift a Cruise: 10 Enchanting Ideas for the Ultimate Surprise

How to Gift a Cruise: 10 Enchanting Ideas for the Ultimate Surprise

Have you ever thought about gifting an unforgettable experience, like a cruise, rather than a conventional gift item? Experience gifts have risen in popularity over the years, offering recipients more than just a material possession - they provide memories that last a lifetime. 

A cruise vacation is an amazing way to treat someone special, offering relaxation, adventure, exotic locations, and decadent cuisine all rolled into one package. But, how do you package such a grand adventure into a tangible gift? Here’s where we step in:

We have created customizable cruise ticket templates that let you encapsulate this incredible journey into a uniquely designed, tangible memento. 


Printable cruise ticket templates


But let's face it, simply handing over a ticket isn't quite as exciting as the cruise itself, right? So, we've compiled a list of 10 fantastic ways you can gift our Cruise Tickets. Each of these ideas will add an extra dash of surprise and delight to your gift-giving experience!


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Message in a Bottle


The 'Message in a Bottle' is a classic, romantic way to present your cruise ticket. Find a beautiful, transparent glass bottle and fill it with a bit of sand and some tiny seashells. Roll up the cruise ticket, tying it with a string or a ribbon, and put it inside the bottle, letting it rest atop the sand.

 It gives an element of mystery and adventure to your gift! You can even pretend you found it on the beach and call your friend over to open it together! When your recipient pulls out the message, they'll experience a wave of delight discovering it's not just any message, but their ticket to a luxurious cruise vacation


Custom Gift Basket




There's something incredibly charming about receiving a gift basket, and a custom, cruise-themed one, even more so. Start by choosing a stylish basket, and then fill it with items that would be useful or enjoyable on a cruise. This could include items like sunscreen, a beach towel, a stylish pair of sunglasses, a travel guidebook for the destinations they'll be visiting, and maybe even a novel for relaxing poolside. Nestled amongst these items, place the printed cruise ticket! Each component of the basket not only serves a purpose but also adds to the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming voyage.


Travel Journal


For someone who loves documenting their adventures, gifting the cruise ticket inside a travel journal is a thoughtful idea. Choose a journal that resonates with their style - it could be leather-bound for a vintage feel or one with a lively, colorful design for a more modern appeal. You can tuck the cruise ticket inside the journal, or even attach it to the first page with a note encouraging them to record their upcoming journey. This way, they not only receive an incredible trip but also a medium to record their experiences, creating memories they can revisit any time.


Customized Map


Gift-giving becomes a voyage of discovery with a customized map. Start by purchasing a detailed world map or a map of the regions your cruise will be visiting. Mark the cruise route and destinations on the map. You could even use a colorful piece of string or ribbon to trace the route, pinning each port of call.

Attach small notes to each pin, providing interesting facts or anecdotes about each location. Fold the map around the cruise ticket and secure it with a nautical-themed ribbon or clip. When they unfold the map, they'll be greeted with a visual itinerary of their upcoming adventure, with the cruise ticket as their golden ticket to this journey.

The tangible nature of the map, the intriguing details about each location, and the tactile pleasure of tracing the journey all combine to make this an immersive and thoughtful gift experience.


Luggage Surprise



Luggage is an essential part of any travel, and a new suitcase or travel bag becomes an incredibly practical and exciting vessel for your cruise ticket surprise. Choose a stylish, sturdy piece of luggage that suits their taste and travel needs. If they're fans of minimalism, go for a sleek, modern design. If they prefer a vintage aesthetic, perhaps a retro-style suitcase would be perfect.

Now for the real surprise - the cruise ticket. Tuck it in one of the luggage compartments, preferably one that isn't immediately visible when the luggage is opened. When you gift the luggage, encourage them to explore its features. They might be initially pleased with the practicality of the gift, but their delight will skyrocket when they discover the cruise ticket hidden inside. This surprise not only elevates a practical gift to a delightful surprise but also enhances the anticipation of their upcoming cruise journey.


DIY Passport


A DIY Passport is a playful and interactive way to present the cruise ticket. Craft a booklet resembling a passport. The cover could be in traditional navy blue or a color reflecting the recipient's personality. Fill it with pages that represent each port of call on the cruise. This could include small pictures, interesting facts, a few common phrases in the local language, and maybe even a space for them to fill out their experiences later.

On the final page or hidden among these, attach the cruise ticket. The recipient will enjoy flipping through this faux passport, getting a glimpse of their upcoming journey, and finally discovering the cruise ticket. It turns the act of giving a gift into an imaginative travel experience, adding a fun twist to the reveal of the actual cruise ticket.


Balloon Surprise


Adding a 'pop' of surprise to your gift, the Balloon Surprise is a thrilling way to present the cruise ticket. Place the cruise ticket inside a large, helium-filled balloon. You could include some confetti for an extra splash of color and excitement. The recipient will need to pop the balloon to reveal the ticket. The sudden burst followed by the flutter of confetti and the revelation of the cruise ticket makes for an unforgettable gift experience.


Local Cuisine


There's no better way to explore a culture than through its cuisine, making it an exciting preamble to a destination-oriented cruise vacation. Suppose your cruise includes a stopover in Italy. Why not add some flavorful anticipation by treating them to a delicious Italian feast? Arrange a special dinner and order from a local Italian restaurant known for authentic delicacies. Perhaps an array of pizzas, pastas, and don't forget the Tiramisu!

But the meal isn't the only surprise. Concealed within the menu or safely encased within the food packaging is the real treat - the cruise ticket. Ensure the ticket is well-protected from any food or oil spills. As they savor the rich flavors, their excitement will only build, culminating in the thrilling discovery of the cruise ticket. This experience combines the joy of food and travel into one delightful surprise, setting the stage for the culinary adventures awaiting them on the cruise.


Personalized Travel Accessories


Every traveler appreciates accessories that can make their journey smoother and more organized. Personalized travel accessories add a touch of uniqueness and elegance, making them a thoughtful gift. Choose a few items like a luggage tag, a passport holder, or a travel wallet. Ensure they're of good quality and align with the recipient's style. You could get these items personalized with their initials, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

But the personalization doesn't stop there. Conceal the cruise ticket inside one of these accessories. As they admire their new personalized items, they'll stumble upon the real surprise - the cruise ticket. This mix of practicality and excitement enhances the overall gifting experience, making the anticipation of the upcoming cruise even more thrilling. 


Destination Postcards



Postcards hold a certain nostalgic charm, providing a snapshot of diverse locations. If your cruise has multiple destinations, gather postcards from each. These could feature picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, or cultural elements of each port of call. On the back of each postcard, write a personal note sharing an interesting fact about the place or your wishes for their time there.

In the final postcard, include the cruise ticket. It turns the process of receiving the gift into a miniature travel adventure, allowing them to "travel" through each destination before discovering their ticket to the actual journey. This gifting method makes the reveal a fun and engaging experience, setting the stage for the actual cruise.


Set Your Sights on Adventure with Our Cruise Ticket Templates


As you can see, gifting a cruise ticket doesn't have to be a plain handover. It can be a grand gesture, an exciting scavenger hunt, a gastronomical surprise, or a tear-jerking moment of joy. The sky's the limit when it comes to your creativity and the love you want to convey through this gift.

Our beautifully designed, easily customizable cruise ticket templates give you the flexibility to create a truly unique gift, setting the tone for the remarkable journey ahead. Once you have our cruise ticket in hand, you're all set to use the plethora of gifting ideas we've shared in this post.

So go ahead and take the first step towards gifting an experience of a lifetime. Purchase our Printable Cruise Tickets today, and embark on an unforgettable gifting adventure. Remember, the magic isn't just in the cruise itself, but in the joy of anticipation and surprise that begins with your gift.


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