Printing your template

Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to printing your template!

If after reading this guide you are still having trouble printing your template, please send us a message at or in the chat box. Please note, we do not offer refunds for printing issues.

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Step 1: Download your template from Canva

You will not print your template directly from Canva. You'll need to download it to your computer FIRST before printing. Follow step 4 in this guide.


Step 2: Print

Find the download on your computer (usually downloads folder, desktop, or "my documents" folder). Open up the PDF (or whatever file you downloaded it as), click file, then print in the upper left-hand corner.

(Your options might look slightly different depending on what program your computer opens your file in)



Depending on your printer, these settings might look a bit different, so play around with the settings that you have!

To ensure the template prints at its correct 7x3" size, make sure the "scale" (or similar setting) is set at 100%.

To make the template SMALLER than 7x3", set the scale lower than 100%.

To make the template LARGER than 7x3", set the scale higher than 200%.

You will need to trim around the edges when printing on an 8.5x11" (standard printer paper) size sheet.

We recommend printing on card stock for a more authentic feel!


Professional Printing

If you want to print with a professional printing service, please refer to their specific guidelines for printing.

You may need to save the template as a different file type depending on what their website requires (usually you cannot upload a PDF, so you'll likely need to download as a PNG or JPG) Refer back to step 4 in this guide for instructions on how to change the file type before you download.

You can always print on card stock for a similar effect as printing at a professional store!