Editing your template

Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to editing your template!

If, after reading this guide, you are still having trouble editing your template, please send an email to theprintedsmile@gmail.com or send us a message in the chat box.

Still looking for your purchase? Check out this guide to accessing your template!

Click here for help printing your template.

Edits CAN be made on your phone through the Canva app or Canva website, though it is easier on a laptop or desktop computer. 

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Step 1: Open PDF titled "Link to your template"

For more information on how to find this PDF, view this guide on accessing your template

When you click "link to your template" in the PDF, you will be directed to Canva. Click "use template" if prompted. If you are already signed into Canva, skip to step 3. If not, go to step 2.


Step 2: Get signed up with Canva

To make edits to your item, you need an account with Canva. For your item, you need a FREE Canva account. If you love Canva, Canva Pro is an amazing option with tons of cool features!

You can sign up with Canva through Google, with an email, or through your Facebook account.



If you sign up through email, Canva will send you a code to confirm your account- Check your spam folder if you cannot find it! If the code doesn’t send, try clicking send code again. If you still do not get the code, please reach out to Canva. PrintedSmileShop does not have control over this part of the process and will not offer refunds for this error or other issues with Canva.com.

After you enter the code, Canva will automatically redirect you back to the template. 

If it doesn't redirect you back to the template, simply click the link in the PDF in step 1 again once you're logged in.

You are now ready to make edits to your design! Continue on to step 3.


*If you get a prompt to "request access" to the template: Refresh the page, log out of your Canva account and re-log back in, or restart your browser. If none of these options work, send us a message!*


Step 3: Editing your Template

Text boxes are provided in the areas that can be edited. Simply fill in your information! You may change sizes, colors, location, and fonts for all text boxes.

Please note that if you do not have a Canva Pro account, you will need to pay for any element that has a crown next to it (if you decide to change the fonts or add anything extra).

All elements of your template are free as is and won’t cost you any extra money to use.

Can't edit a section? Refer back to the item's listing page. There is an image that describes which sections you have access to. If the listing says you have access to a section but you don't on Canva, please send us a message.


Step 4: Download your Template

Once you are happy with your edits, click “share” in the upper right-hand corner, then download.

If the download option doesn't come up, scroll all the way down and select the 3 dots that say more. It will say "How do you want to publish?" type in download, and the button will pop up.

We recommend printing as “PDF Print”. This will ensure it prints at the correct size. Click the dropdown box under file type to select this option. Click download in the purple box. This will save the document to your computer, usually in your downloads folder.

(It is fine to keep the color profile CMYK)



Find the file on your computer, and print! We recommend printing on card stock for a more "authentic" feel! Read this guide for more help with printing your template.


Editing Tips

-You can change the font, size, and color of the text. If changing the font, make sure to choose fonts that do NOT have the crown next to them. These fonts you would need to pay extra for or upgrade to a Canva Pro account to use.

-If your template has stars (like the image below) - you can move them!

-You can also add elements to your design. Click elements in the Canva menu on the left hand side and search for whatever you want! Just make sure they are FREE (don't have the crown next to them) so you don't need to pay extra.

-Can't fit in all the text you want? Change the size or line spacing!