How to Fold Ticket Envelope

Welcome to Our Easy-to-Follow Envelope Folding Guide!

Thank you for choosing our printable envelopes! This step-by-step guide will walk you through the simple process of turning your printed envelope template into a beautifully crafted envelope.

We understand that not everyone is a crafting expert, so we've made sure that each step is easy to follow, even if this is your first time. With just a few folds and a bit of tape or glue, you'll transform a flat sheet of paper into a functional and stylish envelope. Perfect for enclosing any of our tickets here at Printed Smile Shop!




Materials Needed

Your printed envelope template, scissors, and tape or glue.


Step 1: Download and Print the PDF

Read this guide for help accessing your order (or this guide if you are an Etsy customer). Once you open the PDF, print it out at home or get professional printing if you wish.


Step 2: Cut out the Envelope

Cut the envelop out around the edges.


Step 3: Fold along the Dotted Lines

Use tape or glue to secure flaps onto the back of the envelope. Watch the video above for more help!


Step 4: Insert Ticket and Close Envelope

Insert any of our tickets into the envelope, then fold the top tab along the dotted line and tuck into the envelope to close. You're done!


Watch the full process here: