Accessing your template

Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to accessing your template!

If after reading this guide you are still having trouble accessing your template, please send us a message at or in the chat box.

Need help editing? Read this guide to editing your template!

Click here for help printing your template.

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1. After your purchase is confirmed, you will see a confirmation page that looks like this: 



Click the "access downloads" button and you will be directed to your download page.


2. Another option is to check the email that you provided during checkout. If you entered the wrong email, please send us a message and we can send it to the correct one. You will see two emails, both of which have access to your downloads. 


3a. Email 1: Titled "Printed Smile Shop Order Confirmation" Click the link that says "access downloads" as shown by the red arrow below.



3b. Email 2: Titled "Your Printed Smile Shop Order is Here!" Click the link that says "Download here!" as shown by the red arrow below. 





4. You will be direct to the page below. Click the download links as shown by the red arrows.



5. If you have a "hand write on this copy" download, this is the file you will print and hand write on. If you have a "link to your template" download, you will be directed to the page below. When you click "link to your template" you will be directed to Canva. For more instructions on how to get set up with Canva and edit your template, please visit this guide. 


Being prompted to request access?

This is an error that sometimes unexpectedly happens in Canva. Try refreshing or restarting your browser and try clicking the link again. Also, make sure you are logged into your Canva account.

If this doesn't work, SEND US A DIRECT MESSAGE through email or the chat box. Do not just click the request access button and wait. We will send you a new link ASAP.

Please note that Printed Smile Shop is not responsible for technical issues in Canva. If you are under a time crunch and cannot wait for the new link or for Canva to work properly for you, use the "hand write on this copy" version provided with your purchase.