How to Gift a Road Trip: 11 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Surprise

How to Gift a Road Trip: 11 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Surprise

Embarking on a road trip is more than just a journey; it's an exploration of new places, experiences, and memories waiting to be made. But what if you could gift this sense of adventure and discovery to someone special? Imagine the thrill of presenting not just a trip, but an entire experience wrapped up in anticipation and excitement. Gifting a road trip offers a unique way to show your appreciation and affection, providing an opportunity for your loved ones to explore, unwind, and create stories they will cherish for a lifetime. In this post, we'll explore creative and thoughtful ways to present a road trip as a gift, ensuring your gesture becomes an unforgettable part of their travel story.

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Road Trip Gift Certificates



Our road trip gift certificates offer the perfect blend of adventure and personalization. As you browse our collection, you'll find each certificate is designed to be customizable, allowing you to include all the information about your trip.

Each one can be customized with the recipient's name, making your gift truly personal. You can also specify the destination and dates, tailoring the trip to special occasions or preferences. Additionally, there's space for a heartfelt message, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness. This customization transforms the certificate from a simple gift to a memorable and unique adventure, tailored specifically for your loved one.


Road trip survival kit

Surprising someone with a Road Trip Survival Kit is a delightful way to present a road trip adventure. Begin with choosing a practical yet stylish container, like a durable backpack or a trendy tote, which sets the stage for the exciting journey ahead. Fill the kit with road trip essentials: travel-sized toiletries, a first-aid kit, and some snacks for the ride. Add a personal touch with a custom playlist of driving tunes, a travel journal for capturing memories, or a disposable camera for spontaneous snapshots.

The highlight of this kit is your road trip gift certificate, hidden among these essentials. Tuck it inside a travel guide of your destination, or inside a pocket in a backpack. Encourage them to look through all pockets for their surprise!


Travel Magazine or Book


Start by selecting a travel magazine or book that's relevant to the road trip destination. This could be a detailed guidebook, a collection of local stories, or a magazine filled with stunning photography of the area. The choice should resonate with the interests and tastes of the recipient, adding a personal touch to your gift.

Now, for the pivotal part: use your road trip gift certificate as a bookmark. Place it between the pages of the most enticing section – perhaps an article about a must-visit landmark or a chapter detailing the local cuisine. You might add a small note on the certificate, something like “Let’s turn this page into reality” or “Your next adventure awaits between these pages.”


Travel Itinerary



Presenting a road trip gift certificate within a custom-made travel itinerary offers an imaginative and thoughtful way to unveil the adventure ahead. Begin by crafting a detailed itinerary that matches the destination of the road trip. This itinerary could include day-by-day plans, highlighting exciting activities, recommended dining spots, and must-see landmarks. Tailor it to the recipient's interests, whether they're into outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or culinary explorations, making the itinerary both personal and practical.

Then, present the road trip gift certificate alongside the itinerary. You could place the certificate at the front of the itinerary, setting the stage for what follows, with a note that might read, “We're going on an adventure!” or “Pack your bags, your journey awaits!” Alternatively, the certificate could be placed at the end of the itinerary as a delightful surprise, reinforcing the excitement of the plans laid out in the pages before.


Travel Journal

Begin by selecting a travel journal that suits the recipient's style. Look for a journal that offers a mix of blank pages for notes and sketches, as well as pockets or envelopes for storing keepsakes. The journal can be as simple or as elaborate as you think the recipient would prefer, with a design that reflects the theme of the trip, whether it's rustic, modern, or full of wanderlust.

Inside the travel journal, carefully place the road trip gift certificate. You can tuck it between the pages, perhaps in the middle of the journal or strategically placed at the beginning. Add a personalized note on the certificate or on a separate page, something along the lines of, “Your next story begins here” or “Fill these pages with your road trip adventures.” This setup turns the journal into more than just a book; it becomes the starting point of their travel story.


Travel Map

Choose a map that covers the area of the road trip destination. This could be a classic fold-out map, a detailed atlas, or even a beautifully illustrated custom map, depending on the style and preferences of the recipient. The map should not only serve as a practical guide but also as an inspirational piece that excites them about the places they'll explore.

Incorporate the road trip gift certificate with the map in an imaginative way. One approach is to mark specific locations on the map with small, removable stickers or notes that hint at the itinerary or special destinations included in the trip. You can then place the gift certificate folded within the map, or attach it to one of these marked spots with a note saying something like, “Your journey begins here!” or “Discover what awaits you at this spot!”


Destination themed gift box

Start by selecting a box that can be decorated or is already themed according to the road trip's destination. The box should be large enough to hold various items but still manageable in size. Think about the destination and what it's famous for – this could be cultural elements, natural landscapes, local products, or iconic symbols.

Fill the box with items that evoke the essence of the destination. This could include local snacks or treats, a small souvenir or craft item, a postcard or a picture book of the destination, and maybe even a mini-guidebook or a map. You could also add items that would be useful on the trip, like a travel-sized sunscreen for a beach destination, a compact umbrella for a place known for rain, or a reusable water bottle for an outdoor adventure.

Now, for the central element: your road trip gift certificate. Creatively integrate it into the gift box. For example, you could wrap it around a small souvenir, tuck it into the guidebook, or attach it to a key item in the box.


Travel mug



Choose a travel mug that suits the recipient's style or has a design relevant to the road trip destination. For instance, if the road trip is to the mountains, a mug with a mountain design or if it's a coastal drive, perhaps a mug with a beach or ocean theme. The mug should be something that they'd enjoy using, both on the trip and in everyday life.

Inside the travel mug, discreetly place the road trip gift certificate. You can roll or fold the certificate to fit neatly inside the mug. To add an element of surprise, consider wrapping the certificate in a small note that builds excitement. The note might say something like, “Sip your way to adventure!” or “The best journeys start with a single sip.”



Begin by selecting a scrapbook that resonates with the theme of the road trip. The design can range from rustic and earthy for nature trips to sleek and modern for urban adventures. Choose a scrapbook with ample blank pages, providing enough space for the recipient to add their own photos, notes, and keepsakes.

Start the scrapbook with a few pages that you've already filled. These could include maps of the destination, inspirational quotes about travel, images or illustrations of the trip's anticipated highlights, and perhaps little pockets or envelopes for storing tickets or mementos. These initial pages should set the tone for the adventure ahead, stirring excitement and anticipation.

Incorporate the road trip gift certificate into the scrapbook in an imaginative and seamless manner. You could place it in an envelope attached to one of your decorated pages with a note like, “Your journey starts here!” or “Open this when you're ready for adventure.” Alternatively, you could design a special page that leads up to the reveal of the certificate, perhaps with clues or a playful message.


Destination Specific Meal


Plan a meal that captures the essence of the road trip's destination. If the trip is to Italy, consider preparing a classic Italian dish like homemade pasta or risotto. For a coastal getaway, a seafood feast might be fitting. The key is to choose recipes that evoke the flavors and atmosphere of the place they'll be visiting, enhancing the anticipation and setting the tone for the adventure.

As you serve the meal, create an atmosphere that complements the theme. This could involve playing music from the destination, setting the table with decor that reflects the locale, or even dressing up in a way that matches the culinary theme. The aim is to make the meal an event - a taste of what's to come on their road trip.

Now, for the reveal of the road trip gift certificate. You can present it creatively at the end of the meal, perhaps tucked inside the menu if you've created one, or hidden under their plate as a surprise 'dessert'. Accompany it with a note that ties the meal to the trip, like “Hope you enjoyed this taste of Italy! Get ready for the real thing!” or “Your culinary journey has just begun.”


Pinning Map/Scratch off map

Start by choosing a high-quality scratch-off map or pin map that covers the area of the planned road trip. If it's a country-wide adventure, a national map would be ideal; for a more localized trip, a detailed regional map would be more suitable. The map should be attractive and durable, something they'll be excited to display and use.

Before presenting the map, mark the road trip route or the main destinations on it. You could use pins or, if it’s a scratch-off map, lightly score the top layer over the key locations so they can be easily scratched off. This pre-marking adds an element of personalization and anticipation, as it hints at the journey ahead.

Now, for incorporating the road trip gift certificate. Attach it to the map with a colorful ribbon or place it in a small envelope pinned to one of the key destinations. Accompany it with a note that encourages interaction with the map, such as “Scratch off your next adventure!” or “Pinpoint your road trip and see where it takes you!”


Road Trip Planner

Before presenting the planner, fill in some pages with details about the trip. Plot out the route on the map section, including key stops and highlights of the journey. In the accommodations section, you could add suggestions or even confirmations of places to stay. For activities, list some must-see sights or experiences that are unique to the destinations on their route. Leave other sections blank for them to explore and fill in, encouraging their input and customization.

Include your road trip gift certificate within the planner. You could place it at the beginning with a note like, “Your adventure starts here!”

Explore Our Road Trip Gift Certificates 

As we've journeyed through various imaginative and heartfelt ways to present a road trip, it's clear that the gift of travel is one of the most enriching and memorable experiences you can offer. The anticipation, the adventure, and the stories that emerge from a road trip are priceless. But none of this would be possible without the first step – choosing the perfect road trip gift certificate.

Our selection of road trip gift certificates is designed to suit every traveler’s dream. Whether you're looking to surprise a seasoned explorer with a new adventure or give a first-time traveler the thrill of the open road, our certificates provide the flexibility and freedom to create their own unique story. We invite you to browse our collection and find the perfect foundation for an unforgettable journey.
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