How to Gift a Surprise Flight: Boarding Pass Gift Certificate

How to Gift a Surprise Flight: Boarding Pass Gift Certificate

Have you ever thought about surprising someone so much that you'd both need to get on a plane? That's where our Boarding Pass Gift Certificate comes in. It's the perfect way to make a trip surprise something they can actually touch as soon as you tell them about it.

Finding the perfect gift that shows you really thought about it can be really hard. But imagine how happy they'll feel when they see you're giving them not just any gift, but a whole adventure. That's what our boarding pass gift does. You can make it look just how you want, and then see their excitement when they find out they're going on a trip that will make so many happy memories.

Whether it's their birthday, your anniversary, or just because you want to make some special memories together, our gift starts the fun. We're making giving the gift of a trip something really special from the very start. Let's change the way we think about giving gifts. The best surprises are the ones they never see coming. Get ready for lots of "Wow, you really did that for me?" moments.


Boarding Pass Gift Certificate Template



Make-Your-Own Ticket: You can add where you're going, the dates, and even the flight number to make it look realistic. Plus, you can write a special note to make the surprise even better! Whether you joke about going to the beach or write something sweet about making memories, your words make this ticket extra special.

Get It Instantly: As soon as you know this is the perfect gift, you can start making it. Right after you buy it, you can use the ticket template right away. This is great for those times when you need a cool gift fast, and you don't want it to seem like you waited until the last minute.

Tons of Styles: No matter what you're celebrating or what the person you're giving it to likes, we have lots of styles and themes to pick from. There are designs for holidays, lots of colors, and more. Pick the best boarding pass that fits the fun trip you're giving. Whether it's a beach vacation, a city trip, or a cozy getaway, choose a style that gets everyone excited for the adventure. Click here to see all the different colors and themes!


No Need for Fancy Programs: You don't have to worry about using hard computer programs or being really good at designing. All you need is to sign up for free on a website called, and you can start making your boarding pass gift. Canva is easy and fun to use, making your gift-making process a breeze. Click here to learn how to do it!

Choose to Print or Send Online: You can decide if you want to give them a boarding pass they can hold and unwrap, or if you prefer to surprise them with a gift they get on their phone or computer. If you want to give them something physical, you can print the boarding pass at home. Or, if you like to keep things quick and easy, you can email or text it to them. Either way, you're giving them something exciting to look forward to.


Creative Ways to Gift your Boarding Pass

1. Balloon Pop Fun: Everyone loves a surprise pop, right? Put the boarding pass inside a balloon, add some colorful confetti, and give your friend or family member a pin. When they pop the balloon, they'll get a shower of confetti and see their adventure ticket floating down. It's a fun and unforgettable way to show them the surprise.

2. Scavenger Hunt: Make finding the surprise a mini adventure! Leave little hints around your home that lead to the boarding pass. Each hint could be about where you're going or the cool things you'll do there, making them more and more excited with every clue they find until they get to the big surprise.

3. Memory Box: Make a box with things that give hints about the trip. For a beach trip, you might put in sunscreen, or for Paris, a tiny Eiffel Tower, or a handmade lei for Hawaii. Put the special boarding pass at the very bottom. As they look through the box and see all the hints, they'll start guessing where you might be going. Then, they'll find the boarding pass and see they guessed right!

For more ideas, visit our guide on how to gift a surprise vacation!


Get your Boarding Pass Template Today!



Want to give someone a surprise trip? You're super close to making it happen with our boarding pass template. As soon as you know this is the cool way to share your big surprise, you can get started. Right after you buy it, you can jump in and make your boarding pass special with all the fun details and sweet notes you want to add, all with just a few clicks.

You don't have to wait or figure out hard steps; you can make and print your awesome boarding pass really fast. Whether you're planning this surprise way ahead of time or you need a great last-minute gift, our boarding pass is here to help you make an amazing gift. Get ready for the excitement to zoom up the moment they see your special boarding pass, and get ready for your surprise trip to really take off.

Pick out the perfect boarding pass right here!

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